Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Perfect Red

Hello lovelies,
                    I hope you all are fine and I hope you all loved the wishlist which I created with Sammydress and Zaful. I know I have been very inactive on blogs but that's because it is my final year & my exams are going on. It's really hot outside and in this heat, I prefer staying inside my house and watch TV Series. Would love to know how you guys spend the hot days?
Coming back to my post, I was given the privilege to choose few outfits from Zaful and this dress was one of them. Recently you must have seen a lot of people wearing this Red crochet dress from Shraddha Kapoor to a lot of bloggers too. I really couldn't take my eyes off from this one & made my mind instantly to add it to my cart. This dress is really comfortable and can be worn by you at some grand occasion as well as a very casual gathering. This dress has a skin colour lining underneath which is a material that won't bite you in this scorching heat.
Well ! this dress also reminded of a quote by Jean RhysWide Sargasso Sea which said, 

“Your red dress,’ she said, and laughed.
But I looked at the dress on the floor and it was as if the fire had spread across the room. It was beautiful and it reminded me of something I must do. I will remember I thought. I will remember quite soon now.”

A red dress can really do wonders and makes you stand out in a crowd of a lot of colours. 

I paired this dress with a little diamond pendant which is almost next to invisible :P. I kept the look really simple & didn't go for any makeup or accessories which is apt for a sunny day out to a very casual gathering . I chose to open up my hair since most of you might be uncomfortable wearing sleeveless so I would suggest you guys to open up your hair or throw on a white stole or something. You can make a dutch side braid or curl up your hair, make a bun etc with this dress. You can accessorize it with a nude clutch and for makeup you can go for a red lipshade.

I hope you all liked the look. I promise a lot more blogs will be up soon. 

You can buy this dress from here : Cami Crochet Flower Midi Dress
Footwear - Inc.5
Pendant- Tanshiq


Until next time,
Lots of love

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Bye Winters!

Hello lovelies,
                    Hope everything is fine at your end. I know its really really a long time since I have put up a blog for which I really apologize but now since winters are officially going back, I have come up with a look for you. I recently got some outfits from SAMMY DRESS and this sweater dress is one of them. SAMMY DRESS is one of the well known sites globally. They offer world of style at the lowest possible online prices without compromising on the quality of the product. This month that is March, is a month wherein you can witness a pleasant weather and this weather is perfect for wearing a sweater dress. I know the moment I said sweater dress, you guys must be thinking WHAT? IN THIS SEASON? ABSOLUTELY NOT!. But trust me, it is very much the season because of its material. It is perfect to wear it in such a weather since it is made up of Polyester,Rayon & Spandex material.
I totally love the Asymmetrical pattern of this dress and how easily everyone can carry it. 

I wore this dress with boots. The dress can be worn with fishnet stockings and boots are like a must for it to give it an edgy look. 
I wore silver loops with it along with black round sunglasses to complete the look.

This dress can be worn by you for a casual outing and for times where you want to dress up but at the same time be very minimal. 
Hope you liked the post. More coming up soon.

Until next time,
Lots of love.

Boots: Hush Puppies
Glasses: BrandMeUp


Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Valentine wishlist with Sammydresses

Hello lovelies, 
                    How have you been? I have been really good and I am back with one more Valentine wishlist with Sammy Dresses. I love having a variety of clothes in my closet well! who doesn't? So to help you guys with having a variety of clothes in your closet I decided to create a wishlist which can help you in choosing outfits for various events specially Valentines Day which is round the corner. 
Choosing outfits from this site was really tuff. It has some really mindblowing collections for all body types. And I have tried making this wishlist keeping in mind all body types and I hope it proves to be useful.

Starting with an Oversized sweater.

1. V Neck Oversized High Low Sweater: When I saw this sweater, I fell in love with the colour and the whole idea of Hi-Lo. This is an ideal sweater to wear with Tights, Jeans etc and is warm as well as stylish at the same time.


2. High Neck Backless Formal Dress: This dress was chosen by me simply because of its mustard yellow colour which is my favourite these days and also because the dress gives such a sophisticated look which you can wear to any formal lunch or brunch with your friends. It can also be worn by you for a perfect date on Valentines day. 

3.Vintage Off The Shoulder Short Sleeve Solid Color Women's Flare Dress: Well! Valentines day is round the corner and no red dress? How is this even possible? So here is a red dress which I have chosen since it gives a very elegant look and has the perfect red colour that is neither too bright nor too dull. Plus it has the most wanted trend of 2016 which is Off shoulder. This dress sums up the entire definition of Prefect.

What is an outfit without accessories?
4. 2 Piece Crossbody & Tote Set: This is the perfect set of purses and is economical at the same time. The colour of the purse is such that it can go with any outfit. The USP of it is that it has 2 sets so if you wish to carry a lot of things then tote bag should be your pick else crossbody can be carried on all outfits. 
The link to it is 2PC. CROSSBODY & TOTE SET

I hope you liked this wishlist. Don't forget to check their website which is OFFICIAL SITE. They have additional discount too going on. Make sure you buy them and other products as well before they go out of stock.

Until next time,


Sunday, 15 January 2017

Blossom up your day with Qasics

Hello lovelies, 
                    How have you all been? I have been good and by far have been really happy with 2017. I saw a lot of posts cribbing about how 2016 was a pathetic year and so on but for me it was one of the best years. I started up with my own blog, met a lot of new people etc. so I really don't have anything to crib about it but Yes! I did have downs too, lost contact with people who were close to me but then its all part of life. All this has been going on and will go on till the end. I really wanted to thank each one of you who have encouraged me in becoming a blogger and carrying on with this and to everyone who take out time to read my posts, like them, comment and who give their genuine views. I wouldn't have sustained till now if I didn't have you guys so BIG THANKYOU TO ALL OF YOU!
 Well! coming back to my post, I know I haven't really posted any Indian outfit in a long time so I made this western outfit into an Indian one with really minimal efforts. I received this lovely Maxi from QASICS clothing I totally loved the attire its so summerish and at the same time has such colours which will cool you up in the scorching heat in summers.
                I made this an indo-western outfit by just adding few bangles and silver earrings. Believe me or not, one bindi can totally change your look and make your outfit look Indian so for me bindi is a must to carry on any Indian attire. I carried this tan bag from Fabindia with this outfit in which you can literally put anything and everything since the bag is too spacious. 
You can surely wear it as a western outfit too by wearing it with some junk jewellery or some hat to make it a beach outfit along with a sling bag and a pair of gladiator sandals. 
            This maxi dress is so comfortable that if given a chance to wear one outfit my whole summers I can totally choose this blindly. I totally love it how it has buttons and collar which adds to a little formal nature to it as in you can wear it as your formal indian too. This dress totally succeeds as a western as well as an indian attire. 

I hope you liked this look. Looking forward to your views and suggestions and don't forget to check their collection at QASICS clothing.

Until next time,
Lots of love.